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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
By J. Mansfield Photography
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Exciting new changes are coming to J. Mansfield Photography!  As of January 1, 2017, JMP will be a full service photography business.  


"What does that mean, exactly?  Does that mean I get a car wash with my photo shoot?"

No.  Unless of course we are doing a lifestyle session in which your children wash your car (sounds fun, who's game?!?!).  What this means is that from inquiry until art hanging on your wall, I'll be with you every step of the way.  We'll start with a consultation, either in person or via Skype/facetime (I have 4 kids, I get, sometimes in person meetings are hard.  Put on a pretty shirt with your pajama pants and we can chat via video if that's your thing), to discuss what sort of session you're looking for (portrait v. documentary), who we're photographing (names and ages, yo! I like to know my demographic before meeting them), where we're photographing, when, and what your goal of this session is.  What you're looking to get out of it in terms of tangible art work. We can also chat about clothing choices if you're doing a portrait session.  Up next is your session.  I'll meet you at your home or a predetermined outdoor location (or indoor if you know a really sweet spot).  There's no need to rush.  I set aside an hour for each portrait session, and 2-3 for each documentary session, but I rarely book sessions back-to-back.  If your kiddo or spouse isn't down with the photographing, we'll let them warm up a bit.  No need for tears on family photo day!  (save yourself the tears and book a documentary session instead of portrait!  Perfect for little kids).  Within a week of your session, we'll have an in person meeting (this needs to be in person.  Watching you look at your photos for the first time is something I greatly desire to do) to look through your (lightly edited {full edits done on any images that will be ordered}) images.  Usually around 20-30.  We'll laugh, we'll cry, maybe we'll have some snacks or coffee (or both).  You'll tell me which photos you dig, and which ones you don't particularly like.  We'll chat about your goals (remember that from before?) and what products you want to order.  Right now I offer wall art in the form of canvas wraps, metal prints, mounted & framed prints, as well as gift prints, albums, and wood photo boxes.  We can do a few wall mock-ups so you can see what size images look like what (trust me friends, 8x10 is TINY.  Go big or go home).  You'll place your order, and I'll be on my merry way to to do some final touch ups and send the order to my lab.  Your products will arrive within 2 weeks, and will be hand delivered to you by me in pretty packaging (dude, ask me about wax sealing.  SO FUN).


"Wait, hold up, does that mean no more digital files?"  

Yes, and no.  You'll no longer receive a link with downloadable files.  Why?  Because photos that I have stored on CDs cannot be opened up on my Mac.  Because it does not have a disk drive.  (yes, I do have the USB powered external CD drive, but who wants to haul that out to look at photos).   Do you remember when floppy disks were a thing?  Yea, so do I.  But do your kids?   Probably not  (unless your kids are 30).  Do you want to leave the history of your family to chance?  To a digital file that will sit and rot on a piece of machinery that will be defunct in 20 years?  I love love love and cherish all of the old family photos that my mom saved.  I have photos from the 60s of her growing up!  Technology from the 60s is whoa, non-existent?  But tangible photographic art is FOREVER.  And when you order through your trusty photographer, you are guaranteed amazing quality prints on archival paper that will LAST at least 100 years.  Will your CDs and flash drives still be working in 100 years?  


"But I really want digital files so I can share them on social media!"  

Not a problem at ALL!  You will receive a watermarked (because internet theft is a thing, bro) file for each image you order in print form!  Perfect for sharing on the interwebz and getting all the likes and loves you can get.



Change is a scary thing, I know, trust.  But don't worry, I'm here to hold your hand through the whole thing, literally and figuratively (I've held many a small child's hand during sessions!).


Check out these photos to see some of the cool things I'm offering!  If you're interested in booking a session, hit me up!  Any session booked before the New Year (must be scheduled by May 1st) will receive a $75 print credit!!

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