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About Me

How many times have you read on a photographer's page about how their love for photography started when they were a child...or when they had a child...or when they bought a cow (ok the third one is a stretch). If you've been a consistent fan of mine--at least once! I'm guilty of using those sentiments.


As a client, you probably don't need to hear about my passion, or how it began. Passion should be implied by the art displayed on this website!! If you don't feel moved or touched somehow by my photos, then maybe I'm not the photographer for you, or you are just completely unaffected by ridiculously cute babies and kids. Every ounce of my heart and mind are poured into each and every single image that is displayed here, and given to my clients. I look at each photo and make sure it's absolutely perfect, and that it's something I would want to hang on MY wall.


During your session, I will do everything to ensure that the best images are captured of you and your family. I have 2 step children and 5 (yes 5) small kids of my trust me, PATIENCE is a word I know well! I don't mind waiting the few minutes it takes you to convince your 3 year old to please just sit for just one picture, or the 10 minutes it takes for your teenager to fix her hair for the 10th time, or the couple of minutes it takes to change your 6 month old's diaper for the 3rd time. I stay home with my five babies; so being an entertainer is something I consider to be a full time job! I can be quite silly when I need to be and will make sure I can get at least 1 smile out of everyone!


Many photographers like to use this space to describe their style. I can't honestly put a name to my style. I try to tailor my own thoughts and ideas to what I feel works well for each individual family. I can tell upon meeting you, or by having email correspondance with you, what I think might work well for you and your family. I love hearing your ideas and suggestions, and always try my best to implement them!  


You'll notice that my gallery page no longer has samples of different categories of work (maternity, newborn, families, etc), and it instead titled 'pieces of my heart'.  These are image that I cherish so deeply, that I would print and hang in my home if I had enough space.  These photos give me chills and make my heart swell.  They define me as an artist.  I hope you love them as much as I do.


So, feel free to call me or send me an email, let's get something set up!!


Love your photographer,